Surface must be CLEAN, DRY, GREASE, OIL, & WAX FREE.  If you suspect a wax finish or waxy buildup caused by furniture cleaning products, remove with white vinegar or mineral spirits.

RECLAIMTM is slightly textured on purpose. DO NOT BRUSH. Simply “mush” or “stipple into crevice areas and roll on flat surfaces.

Tip: For a smoother surface, use less RECLAIMTM. (Also try a foam roller or one with a short nap.)
For a more dramatic look use RECLAIMTM in a thicker manner by loading more RECLAIM onto your brush or roller.


At Caromal Colours, we always make a sample prior to beginning a project and so should you! For example, do one drawer or door to completion be fore starting a large piece of furniture or a whole kitchen project. When you’re happy with your sample, you’ll be confident to tackle any project!


 RECLAIMTM ANTIQUING GLAZE gives the effect of character, depth or age to any piece of furniture, cabinetry, molding or accessory.
Mix well before using.
(Optional) Sand areas of dry RECLAIMTM surface that would normally show wear and tear to create desired distressed effect.
 Distressed and Glazed
Brush or roll RECLAIMTM ANTIQUING GLAZE over a RECLAIMTM surface that has been dried for 3 to 5 days. Wipe back using a soft cloth.
Simply use your cloth to push the glaze this way and that until you love it!
Leave it heavy and dramatic or wipe most of it off and just leave a hint of glaze in the crevices.
Tip: Using a dry cloth will remove less ANTIQUING GLAZE. Using a damp cloth will remove more ANTIQUING GLAZE.
 *RECLAIMTM ANTIQUING GLAZE may work over some good quality painted surfaces. Although it is designed specifically to work over RECLAIMTM, give it a try over your favorite project.
 Glazed Center Panel

Avoid wetting your RECLAIMTM surface for 3-5 days after applying RECLAIMTM and another 3-5 days after glazing.

Allow to cure for 30 days. Then you may clean surface as needed with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. To make challenging surfaces scrubbable and more durable, coat with your favorite clear coat according to manufacturer’s directions. Always test a small area first.

Coats: 1-2 as needed  (Bright White: 1-3 as needed)

Drying time: 1-4 hours depending on thickness of application

Clean up: Good old-fashioned soap and water